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Pick a Business Model With Leverage

You should get into a business that has economies of scales, a zero marginal cost, and network effects.

A network effect means every new user adds value to the existing users. Network effects create a natural monopoly. Language is the oldest example of network effects.

You should always be thinking about how your users can add value to each other.

Original content by Naval Ravikant
July 26, 2019
Joe Rogan Experience #1309 - Naval Ravikant

Automation frees people up for creative work. The question is not whether or not automation is going to eliminate jobs. There is no finite number of jobs. We're not sitting around dividing up the same jobs since the Stone Age. Obviously new jobs are being created and they're usually better jobs, more creative jobs.

Original content by Naval Ravikant and Joe Rogan
June 6, 2019
The Blog #4 - Making The Layout Responsive

In the fourth episode of this series, we'll be making our blog layout responsive so that it looks good at any resolution and on smaller devices. I'll share how I choose breakpoints and a few other tricks that help with responsive website development and media queries.

September 5, 2017
Use Flexbox To Create A Website Layout

If you’re not familiar with Flexbox, it’s a set of CSS properties that make it easy to style websites and position elements on a page. You can use it instead of floats, or table layouts, both of which are pretty awful to use.

In this video, we'll be creating a website layout using flexbox for a fictitious company that specializes in cars, solar roofs, tunneling, as well as some space exploration on the side.

August 21, 2017