My new website!

Yea, so it's a little bit light on content at the moment.

When I started working on this earlier today, I had every intention of writing at least a couple of informative posts on web development. And by a couple I mean one.

So what happened? Well, Wordpress happened.

I don't hide my disdain for Wordpress, but it usually stems from people trying to use it for something it wasn't meant to be used for, like an e‑commerce store or membership site.

But still, I'd rather use something else. So I googled best blogging platform -wordpress and the first result was a Forbes article asking me to turn off adblock. Very enticing, but we're not doing that.

Next, I briefly explored Tumblr. Unfortunately the available free themes and the Tumblr branding all over my site quickly turned me off. Also it's owned by Yahoo, so we're definitely not doing that either.

Reluctantly I circled back to Wordpress.

It's the most popular blogging platform and I'm building a blog, just how bad can it be? Well I can confirm it's not very good.

TL;DR: Nothing work as you'd expect out of the box, the default settings are anything but sensible, and after a few Google searches it seems that everything requires a plugin to work properly.

On the plus side, the themes don't totally suck so there's that.

I don't have the patience to learn how to program in spaghetti code (officially I think they're called hooks), and if I'm going to change every setting and edit every file, I might as well build a custom site.

Two hours later here we are. New custom website, but no content. It's also broken on mobile (fixed!), and as an added bonus I have played right into the stereotype of developers reinventing the wheel.

At least I'm still Wordpress free since 2003.

And that's important to me.